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There’s a large exchange meet-up group regularly meeting in Hongdae and Gangnam.Clubbing If you are a party animal, it shouldn’t be too hard to meet new people out clubbing.The Expat If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you’ll have an easy time finding other foreigners to date.Currently, there are around two million foreigners living in South Korea, most of whom live in Seoul.You’ll certainly impress your date when wearing something that’s totally in style in Korea.Because of Seoul’s tremendous size, the options of where to find a date are literally endless. Language Exchange Like mentioned above, language exchange groups are a great way to meet new people – both local and foreign.Whatever your opinion is on this, the truth is, it’s still very much a societal norm that guys pay for 70~80% of the date. Men were always regarded as the better gender in Korea and perhaps this phenomenon is an extension of it, or perhaps it’s because simple economics (guys are more desperate? But don’t be shocked to see Korean guys getting the tab most of the time, or if your Korean girlfriend disappears to the bathroom when it comes time for the bill. The knife is there to kill yourself with if you are about to be “disgraced”. However, technically “disgraced” meant any man other than your husband touching you. As a rule, a traditional Korean woman carried a small silver knife.

Remember that Korean culture is different from American culture, and attitudes toward dating are slightly variable.

Tinder is very popular among Koreans, but language exchange apps like Hello Talk are also great for engaging with people.

If your love life has taken a lucky turn and you've scored a date, then you may be a bit nervous.

Most of them are here for business, and the majority of expats from an English-speaking country work as teachers or are in the military.

Consider that you’re likely to speak a common language and won’t have to deal with the language barrier, whereas if you are looking to date a local, you might encounter some difficulties.

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For example, women in Korea are not as affectionate in public compared to western women. Avoid trying to make out with your date at the bus stop, for example, as this will embarrass her.

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