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For each category, we must develop a bonding picture, based on electrons, that will lead to an understanding of the physical properties exhibited.We can classify the solids according to the distribution of the valence electrons of the atoms (as shown in Figure 1), which explains their physical properties. A metal is a substance that can conduct electricity both as a solid and when it is molten.The criteria for selecting them must include because these are the properties that characterize the four extreme types of bonding.Metals are unique in that they can conduct electric current in the solid state.These four extreme types of bonding can be represented on the four apexes of a tetrahedron.(See Figure 2.) The various intermediate types of bonding lie along the edges.The range of melting points for metals is very large, from −39°C for mercury to 1,083°C for copper and 3,200°C for tungsten.The outermost valence electrons of the atoms belong to the crystal as a whole, delocalized as a "sea" in which they are freely mobile to flow from atom to atom.

It is far more difficult to identify appropriate solids to illustrate the six intermediate cases (those that lie along the edges of the tetrahedron), yet it is these very materials that are the most interesting and that often have important applications.wire in domestic wiring.) Also, metals are ductile and malleable; they can be hammered into sheets, such as the pressed steel used as body parts for a car.The layers of atoms can slide past each other on a cushion of electrons, yet the solid remains whole.The small spheres represent the cations, and the large spheres represent the anions.This type of bonding is found between pairs of similar atoms, especially among those in the upper right hand corner of the periodic table.

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