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“The best way to bolster self-esteem is to join a support group,” she says.“You gain a tremendous knowledge hearing how others cope and what they’re doing to help themselves.In a format as concentrated as speed dating, not having a clear idea of what you’re looking for could prove disastrous.A person should ask themselves, ‘How afraid am I of being alone?’ If the answer is ‘Very’, then that’s a sign you’re not able to develop standards and are just reacting.” Deborah’s first date, a software engineer, comes over, and they spend a few moments engaged in small-talk.After less than a minute, however, he deliberately shifts gears and starts posing serious questions about work, family and relationship wants.

“It’s a little like looking for a house,” says Belove. rabbi as a way for Jewish bachelors to meet potential mates, the practice has rapidly found favor with busy singles.Deborah, who asked that her last name not be used, is a film director in her thirties who recently ended a six-year marriage.“It felt wrong almost instantly, but I kept pushing myself to answer his questions,” she says, signaling the bartender over for a much-needed second drink.“Saying no isn’t easy, especially now, with the little voice inside saying take what you can get, and be happy for it.” Lauren Kaufman is a veteran of a grueling, three-year divorce process, and understands first-hand the toll it can take.

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