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Always buy an odd number of flowers (even numbers are used at funerals).

Also, never buy yellow roses (can signal a decrease in feelings or the end of a relationship). - Ukrainian citizens do not share the altruistic "looks aren't important" mentality that has spread through the West. You will notice that on the street, people will look first at your clothes, then at your face.

The guest reciprocates the honor by making the second toast.

Ukrainian women and men are known for treating their guests like royalty.- Do not shake hands across the threshold of a door. Ukrainian women and men are a friendly lot, so don't be impatient if they use a lot of time introducing themselves.Ukrainian women consider it unfeminine to shake hands when they meet.You need not show up in elaborate or showy finery, either, unless the occasion specifically calls for your Sunday best.Classic business casuals like dress slacks and button-down oxfords may get the stamp of approval of your Ukraine woman's parents.

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Starting off on the wrong foot could land your leather-shod paw in your mouth.

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