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Because you never know who’s going to see it, and I don’t have control over what someone’s saying. Four days later, Amanda’s bot @Karriehga was still live. I’ll steal your heart, and you steal mine.”To say nothing of a face.

That could ruin who-knows-what.”I told Amanda that she could report the bot as spam, and hope for the best. She doesn’t even own the photo; it’s the ‘s property. Follow Jason Feifer (@heyfeifer) and @fastcompany on Twitter.

(I guess newspapers have to make money somehow.) The calendar only offered the models’ first names, and the paper’s photo editor wouldn’t connect me with them. So I began to explain.“Wait, wait, Amanda was a SUNshine Girl? This time, though, the tweet seemed like a warning: “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”In the meantime, I contacted Buy Real Marketing.In the daily bot wars–the one Twitter fights every day, causing constant fluctuations in follower counts even as brands’ followers remain up to 48% bot–these women are the most visible and yet least acknowledged victims. Bots are like a sorority party at 3 a.m.–a massive compilation of young, pretty faces who talk a lot of nonsense. A publicist for some major players–people at the top of their game–told me it’s common in his world. It made Twitter meaningless.”The publicist gave me the names of a few people who also bought from Buy Real Marketing, and I dug into their followers.But the women they portray are actual people, somewhere in this world. And how were their photos dislodged from their original place? A brand’s social media manager will never admit to it, but chances are, gigantic companies have invested in this cheap form of image building. He once tried it himself, just to see what happens. “But sure enough, within three days, they just poured in. The bots were easy to spot–and these bots, no surprise, follow plenty of other celebrities and big brands.“This will be the weirdest call you’ll get today.”“Today?” he said.“Probably all month.”Then I explained: My goal was to draw a straight line from a Twitter bot to the real, live person whose face the bot had stolen.

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