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Lynn Hart wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle with at least a 6 foot wingspan flying over a field near Wishop and Meridian Rds while on my way to pick up my son at Hononegah High School about pm today. On the third day I was lucky enough to see the one catch a fish just off a island called "Strawberry Island" on the eastern side of the lake.

~6 ft wingspan, very white for and aft with dark brown body seen @ 30 feet. Nancy schonberg wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle on Sunday 12-4-16 flying along Willow Rd near Sunset Ridge in Northfield IL.I was picking up pecans off the ground this morning when I heard a commotion up in the tree.I looked up in time to see a bald eagle snatch a squirrel from the treetop and fly away with it's catch!I slowed down,(no one around me), to see if it was a hawk, as it was a dark bird, then noticed the white head! Today and spotted a bald eagle flying above the river and stopped and watch til get got to high.Then we disided to cross the river and pulled into a empty lot and to our amazement there was a second bald eagle sitting on the top of a tree witch was about 30 feet tall and after about 5 minutes it decided to take off and it actually came down towards us and we where with in about 20 feet from us and with it flying above the river and us standing about it was basically at eye level! Roger Wodek wrote the following: January 1, 2017- am Single Bald Eagle high in trees near Big Bend Lake in Des Plaines, Illinois. First time seeing a bald eagle in the wild and a very cool thing to see on Christmas !!

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11/25/2016Casey Smiley wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle flying over South Elementary and Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake (we are right next to the lake) around AM on Monday, November 21st.

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