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At 23, that changed and I wanted more of God than I had ever had before.

I lived a pretty lax spiritual life in college, not getting into too much trouble but not going hard after God either.

I'm not referring to community, accountability, or being involved in a good church.

All those things are good, but in and of themselves they just can't function to produce all the blessings that God designs for us.

I want to talk very candidly about why a godly wife, for most of us men, will bring blessings that nothing else can.

Perhaps what I've said sounds selfish: finding a wife to "produce blessings" .

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I've found that protection against sexual sin and the opportunity and the pleasure associated with monogamous sexual intimacy with the woman I love to be a very real benefit of marriage. A wife is very much like a guy roommate — the emotional synergy she will look for from you is far more encompassing.

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