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The hardware itself was also much more advanced than the Macintosh, with a hard drive and support for up to 2 megabytes (MB) of RAM, expansion slots and a larger higher-resolution display.

The main exception being that while the Macintosh also used the 68000 processor, the Macintosh initially used a version clocked at 7.89Mhz, compared to the 5Mhz version used in the Lisa.

By late 1979, Jobs successfully negotiated with Xerox for his Lisa team to receive two demonstrations of ongoing research projects at Xerox PARC; when the Apple team saw the demonstration of the Alto computer they were able to see in action the basic elements of what constituted a workable GUI.

A great deal of work was put into making the graphical interface into a mainstream commercial product by the Lisa team.

In January 1985, following on the heels of the Macintosh, the Lisa 2/10 (with integrated 10 MB hard drive) was re-branded the Macintosh XL and with new software, positioned as Apple's high-end Macintosh.

The price was lowered yet again, to 00 and sales tripled, but (according to CEO Sculley) Apple would have lost money increasing production to meet the new demand.

Privately, Hertzfeld and the other software developers used "Lisa: Invented Stupid Acronym", a recursive backronym, while computer industry pundits coined the term "Let's Invent Some Acronym" to fit the Lisa's name.

With this change, the Lisa 2 had the notable distinction of introducing the new Apple inlaid logo, as well as the first Snow White design language features.

The Lisa 2/10 featured a 10MB internal hard drive (but no external parallel port) and a standard configuration of 1MB of RAM.

At the other end, there were three "Lisa" slots, parallel to each other.

This flexibility provided the potential for a developer to create a replacement for the CPU "card" to upgrade the Lisa to run a newer CPU, albeit with potential limitations from other parts of the system.

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Newer versions of the Lisa were introduced that addressed its faults and lowered its price considerably, but it failed to achieve favorable sales compared to the much less expensive Mac.

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