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It’s true that I don’t believe in the reality of any gods.

More than that, however, I don’t believe that it’s gods I wanted to talk about on any of my first dates.

I don’t want to swim in sync with a school of people who think just like me – and honestly, most atheists don’t really think just like each other anyway.

If I had set out to marry an atheist woman, I would have probably ended up arguing with her about her libertarian politics, or about the way that she folds towels.

So, take what I’ve got to say here with a big cube of salt.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, it’s said, and it’s worth reminding that most of the fish don’t look very much like each other at all.

Atheist Dating Service is the fastest growing co-operative of online-dating sites in the world.

This growth is driven by the totally unique partner concept and range of services that we provide, that are unmatched in the industry…” It goes on an on like that, with boilerplate text, and nothing at all about atheist dating needs in particular. The industry, if one exists, looks awful scammish to me, but putting such concerns aside, I want to deal with a deeper question: Why would atheists want to date only other atheists? Given the odds, my guess is that this is how it turns out most of the time.

There’s a reason that marriage has been one of the key political battlegrounds in American culture over the last 100 years.

Regressive groups want to keep dating and marriage within strictly controlled boundaries.

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We all love meeting someone else who feels the same way about God and astrology and Tom Cruise. It’s also not pleasant to hear someone trashing religious people all night. You’ll have to discover all these things on your own. If you have fun and get along, maybe religion is a barrier you can overlook at first. Maybe she’s someone who has never questioned her faith before but is interested in what you have to say.

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