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Messages and chats are altered so what messages you sent was not delivered as paid for. Her me too last night when I got out of the shower he knocked me to the floor and we had sex . Site response well the women can say what they want , So finally I find on every sexy looking woman that sends all pictures with a face so we start talking, Then I saw what I thought might be the one . So Sexy one "Shuri" clearly fake " Fag" WOW said all the right things ,was going to meet me in OCT.1st this year ,but it comes and goes . She says she has a task to complete so the site does not cost her anything. SO I call her and the site a whole lot of not nice things . The next day asked customer service to take VIP off my profile they said "NO! This 3 minute free chat is only allowed to be done 10 times.

Any policy to change and not deliver a message that was paid for and not properly delivered as written is theft of service. Let us kindly explain that no text is altered in the messages sent by our clients. She says she is scared to come alone because she thought a girlfriend was coming with her. Call customer service up they Say She was just up set and wanted you to go way because you said such mean things . " she also said she did not get my emails because customer service read them and did not rely if there was any personal info . In all of these 10 times, I asked the ladies to communicate over different means such as Wechat, Kakaotalk, Skype (i avoided Facebook as the large majority of them were from China were facebook is blocked) and email with no luck.

Finally made phone call, swapped email addresses to get out from the high cost and that was that. Do not under any circumstances make any payments with your credit card. First os all Asian Date is a communication platform.

No more communication with my girl or any other girls. I used paypal and it is international payment and was flooded with fake paypal emails, your account has been limited because of suspicious activity or you have made payment of an amount in GBP for Go Pro and Now I have gotten an actual Paypal payment which actually went through Paypal. The safety of our members is our highest priority and we do our best to protect them from all possible sides.

It's a bit expensive, but what's love worth? I would definitely use it again, but hopefully I'll never have to.

String along type site, all about getting you to buy credits.

She said do you know what the VIP on your profile is for . Heart broken Rocket scientist , Dennis General run down of the entire website.

Even to come live in the greatest city in America ,not just my thoughts but voted as , Virginia beach and live and walk on the beaches of the worlds largest resort city , again not my thoughts fact.

If you're willing to settle, that's who you are and probably why you are single Overall one of the better dating sites.

SO I joined and as the other site Very many beautiful women . Only difference was this site the messages were very vulgar and some just down right sickening, Examples . Looks like these are employees who are trained to lure men into thinking these girls are interested in them. Wasted a good 2 hours of my time getting fooled with this website. Don't get tempted by the stunningly beautiful pictures. An elaborately set up domain with employees used to monetize over desperate men.

Will you let my daughter suck you off while I watch to make sure she is doing it right? Thankfully I didn't end up wasting any money (funny how they don't accept paypal payment hey? Chances are girls are hired to answer emails, so you probably aren't chatting with one in picture. Talked to Maria in Moscow 3 times and she was the support button.

That's why for many of them it is really convenient to stay with us without moving.

It is my first day to use this dating online websites,i felt great.

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Women aren't bots, but seem to be paid to help in the stringing.

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