Avoid dating a narcissist christian carter dating coach

It is because the narcissist needs other people to consistently maintain their fantasy view of themselves that they are constantly trying to mould the behavior of others to serve that purpose.

By sticking to “No Contact” you are refusing to be manipulated by him, denying his power over you and are therefore destroying his fantasy and forcing him to see himself as he really is.Whenever we feel like we might be about to break our rule of no contact rule we must remind ourselves of the following.Narcissists spend their time running away from the truth about themselves, which is that they are worthless, horrible people.To a normal person with compassion (like us) it feels so unnatural and cruel to ignore someone who appears to be in pain, especially if it is indicated that their pain is as a result of our behaviour.It goes against everything that we have been taught about being a good person.

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