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You have to be careful about how you do this though.

You don’t want to just show up on his doorstep or start stalking his work.

You can win him back, but happily ever after is going to take some work on your part first. A little chaotic and hypersensitive to just about everything. This is all normal, including the panicked thoughts about how to win back your ex boyfriend. But that voice really is up to no good; it is the beaten down and broken-hearted part of you that simply isn’t capable of thinking clearly.

I'm going to share with you six phases you're going to push through during this period. Desperate to get him back and clueless about how to accomplish that. Once, after a particularly bad breakup, I spent an entire week in my apartment with the blinds closed and the phone unplugged. It is a post-breakup haze that can drown out all reasonability; a voice in your head telling you to text your ex at 3 in the morning to tell him how much you miss him, because surely that is how to win him back. And if you truly want to know how to win your ex boyfriend back, you have drown out that voice.

So you have made it through the no contact period and have been living it up and taking incredible care of yourself – congratulations!

Now you finally get to confront your ex with what he let go of.

In a perfect world, you would be able to show up at a party thrown by mutual friends and catch your ex’s eye from across the room.

Do you know what everyone dreams about after a breakup, whether they want their ex back or not? But, there's no better feeling than running into an ex when you are at the top of your game. Relationships have a way of sucking every free second out of our lives. Those are a time for reinvention, self-reflection and becoming an even better version of you. Start chasing some dreams you have put on the back burner as of late. Splurge on a new wardrobe and a visit to your favorite hair stylist.They dream about that first run-in – the moment when someone either wins or loses. Look, you were fantastic while the two of you were together. Take care of you and focus on becoming the best version of yourself.Because yes, there are always winners and losers in a breakup. The girl who will undoubtedly win the next time she sees her ex.I once went to the same bar for happy hour 5 nights in a row, knowing it was a favorite spot of my ex’s and that he would eventually show up.The bonus was that I got some quality time with friends while we waited for his appearance.

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Just remember that it won’t be forever, and when you do get back in touch; those fireworks will have been given a chance to spark again. While the urge may be to hole up at home and avoid the world scheming about ways to get him back, that is the last thing you should be doing.

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