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One depressed single Christian guy (I’m assuming he’s a good one) lamented: “I just don’t get it.

Here I am, a sensitive, passionate Christian with a caring heart and a good job, but I can’t find a date if my life depended on it.

One of life’s greatest mysteries: Do bad boys ever change? Your best bet is probably to steer clear of bad boys before they reproduce.

Here are five red flags, characteristic of most bad boys: If there are several women in his past who are still angry and have hostile feelings toward a guy, and he’s willing to share about it, RUN! He’ll probably break your heart and leave you just as angry as his ex-girlfriend club. Whether he’s cheating on his taxes, his girlfriend or simply telling white lies, he’s a liar. And if he can’t be honest with other matters, he’s not going to be honest with you either.

Find out why so many smart women make this stupid mistake.

So, while I'm sure that their identity as a "very Now back to the woman who posed the initial question: While I don't condone the behaviors of the men she's dated, both are predictable by-products of the identity she's assumed.Perhaps the best real-life example of this scenario is actress Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband, motorcycle bad boy Jesse James, who publicly split after his serial infidelity was revealed in 2010another because they are strong enough to "take" her, these men are also the cheaters, verbal/emotional abusers or worse.I was really glad she asked her question for two reasons: (1) because the same problem affects so many smart, accomplished women, and (2) because I can explain what this phenomenon is all about.He’s likely to cheat and have a long list of exes because he only accepts perfection.He’ll probably be single or cheating for the rest of his life.

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