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From massage, to mani-pedis, to Reiki healing, to a bubble baths with candles, do something special for yourself because you deserve it! For working out like you promised or maintaining poise when you wanted to scream? Positive self-talk is a wonderful skill that builds confidence.9. If you're putting off dating or meeting new people, try taking small steps.Join a group, browse online dating sites or tell a friend you want to be fixed up.The further a woman gets away from her truth—her integrity—, the less she can remain confident in who she is.

Seeing yourself as “less” causes you to no longer enjoy the things you do have in your life.You must first recognize the issue in order to heal it.Step 2- Make a commitment to yourself to change this pattern and get started immediately!These positive thoughts about your life build self confidence.Start a gratitude ritual by journaling what you are grateful for or saying your list aloud upon waking or before falling asleep.

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