Birthday gift ideas for newly dating

You don't want to go too big, as it might make her feel uncomfortable (not to mention put too much pressure on a burgeoning relationship).

But you don't want to go too small, either; a pat on the back and a "nice to know ya" won't exactly inspire confidence. Something that isn't too expensive, but still shows that you're stoked to be dating her.

Plus, you’re telling her that you’re thinking about the future with this gift ;) Mark the cal with your next date to give this sweet gift some extra-special meaning. Custom Wrapped Flask (): Sure, it’s personalized, but chill — it’s not your initials monogrammed together or anything.

Bonus: It’s a gorgeous decorative piece and she’s going to seriously appreciate your good eye for aesthetics. Finch and Cotter Custom Mixtape Pillow (): So people don’t really make mixtapes anymore, but back in the day, it was the ULTIMATE way to let your crush know you were into them.

Whatever the case, he’ll love this unique wine bottle stopper from Etsy — creative and sweet. Warrior Double IPA Beer Making Kit (): A month in or so, you should know if beer is his drink of choice.

If your guy is the home-brewing type, this kit by the Brooklyn Brew Shop will allow him make his own! Multi-Tool Animal Gadget (): This is possibly the most adorable pocket knife set ever. Watch Tie Travel Tube (): This watch and tie travel tube will come in handy when he heads home to visit his fam.

Plus, add a cute little note to let him know you think he’s 4.

Baseball Trophy Wine Bottle Stopper (): Perhaps on one of your first dates, he regaled you with tales of his days in Little League over a bottle of Pinot or maybe you know he’s a huge Oakland A’s fan.

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