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There has been research all over the world into the effects of energy drinks, in America, admissions to emergency departments which were energy drink related doubled from 2007-2014 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Dawn Report.

Energy drink companies often compare their drinks to coffee with many coffee shops offering high caffeine drinks, take a Starbucks Venti Caffe Americano which contains 300mg of caffeine which is nearly four times that of a 250ml can of Redbull.

Caffeine is a crafty drug that temporarily blocks adenosine pathways, giving you a boost while allowing 'feel good' molecules in the brain (such as dopamine) to be released more readily.

You feel more alert and you feel better about yourself!

When you book, you will be taken to the pub's external booking system. Cancellation: Once a booking is made, a contract is formed with the pub on their terms and conditions of the pub.

It's worth remembering that a 250ml can of energy drinks contains the same amount of caffeine as a typical cup of coffee.' 'The question is why do we need to rely on these energy drinks?

Dr Stuart said: 'Tiredness is a big killer: about 500 deaths a year are caused by driving while sleepy.

In moderation, caffeine can help you stay awake if you are driving late at night or in the afternoon slump after lunch.

We have a proud sporting background and our 6 darts teams (ladies and gents), and three pool teams are regularly heard chanting “Mon The Bull!

The new Black Bull Inn website is now launched and live, featuring up to date information about our special offers and events, detailed photography of our establishment and information and map containing all the places of interest in the area.

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