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Filipinos and Chinese are the largest Asian groups in Riverside. Las Vegas-Paradise, NV Metro Area In the anything goes city of Las Vegas, Blacks and Asians have been marrying since the 1970s when the legendary Redd Foxx met both of his two Asian wives in Vegas.

Blacks are 12% and Asians are 9.4% of Vegas and there are nearly 3 times the concentration of Blasians in Vegas as the average US city.

Filipinos, Chinese, and Hmong are the largest Asian groups in Sacramento. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA Metro Area Seattle has been known as one of the top places for Blacks dating interracially for a long time.

DC has large groups of East Indians, Chinese, and Koreans. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA Metro Area Atlanta is well known as a haven for successful Black men and women.

It’s less well known that Asians are about 5% of Atlanta’s metro population and that Atlanta is number 6 in terms of Blasian population.

With 7% Blacks, and 12% Asians, Seattle has the 7th largest population of Blasians in the US.

Also Seattle Blacks are relatively more likely to live near Asians than most cities in the US.

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