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Bloom and Sky first meet in the latter half of the first episode, as the Specialists had arrived to help aid Bloom and Stella in their fight against Knut and his ghouls.Stella formally introduces Bloom to all of them, but Bloom seems to quickly develop an interest in Sky who was under the alias "Brandon" at the time (which is also reciprocated on his end).Sky gradually became jealous of Avalon thanks to Bloom focusing all of her attention on him, making Avalon the only thing she would talk about when they were together.Even after Avalon revealed that he could help Bloom uncover her past, Sky remained jealous of how eager Bloom was to be with Avalon over him.

Bloom and Sky have become closer this season but the two of them still seem insecure of their relationship.

The rumor of a romance between them comes after Bloom’s recent split from Katy Perry.

As previously reported by Us in February, the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer and Bloom decided to press pause on their relationship after more than a year together.

Relieved and overjoyed, Bloom embraced Sky and the two of them made up.

Despite all of this though, Bloom remained insecure in their relationship.

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