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The Firm’s attorneys help scope the legal and environmental requirements of clean-up, manage negotiations with regulators and lenders, and protect clients from assuming a disproportionate share of clean-up expenses.Lane Powell also has assisted clients in resolving disputes, litigation and claims for natural resource damages over large and small oil spills and other hazardous substance releases.The Firm represents national and regional transportation companies including railroads, intermodal operators, marine operators and builders, commuter rail and regional transit entities and pipeline companies in regulatory and environmental planning, compliance and risk-management matters.As part of Lane Powell’s environmental law presence, its Sustainability and Climate Change group of attorneys work with businesses seeking competitive advantage through new “green” products offering reduced environmental impact, as well as with companies striving to improve labor, supply chain, distribution and production practices.

The Firm’s attorneys regularly defend fishing vessels in regulatory hearings, defend maritime death and injury claims, manage hull and machinery insurance disputes, and handle banking and financial transactions for the fishing industry.

In this new regulatory environment, Lane Powell helps its clients be proactive instead of reactive.

Environmental Clean-Up Lane Powell has a strong record on brownfield site development with public agencies, developers, property owners, and transporters and generators of hazardous materials.

But if you look at what’s been happening in the private sector, clean tech and sustainability are anything but dead.

Indeed, more and more businesses large and small have been adopting those practices to save costs and to benefit the bottom line.

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