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We recommend that earnest prayer be offered constantly for our great Home Mission work and that the churches immediately come to the help of the Board with contributions in order that the glorious work may be carried forward and the Board may soon be relieved of its great debt. Let us get a glimpse of our work on the Foreign field as whole for the past year. There are in the countries named, omitting Italy, a population of 137,830,000. The Board needs immediate help in order to maintain its credit at the banks, to meet the current expenses, and to lessen the burdensome debt. Our largest and best developed fields are in China where we have been laboring for a goodly number of years. Among the many agreements reached was one upon the spheres of influence for the various Foreign Mission Boards, Spain, Hungary, Rumania, Jugo-Slavia, Italy, the Ukraine and the territory to the east thereof were recognized as the European fields of Southern Baptists. Consequently for the new year they have had to retrench very materially in order to take care of the indebtedness as well as the current expenses. In some of these fields we have been laboring for a while and have churches well manned and es- tablished, in others, we have more recently entered. At that meeting the territory of the world was divided out among the Baptist of the world and each Baptist organi- zation assumed the responsibility for certain definite boundaries of work and became responsible for the gospel to be preached in said territory under Baptist direction. Scoggins, Financial Secretary and Treasurer read reports on Round Hill School as follows: REPORT ON ROUND HILL ACADEMY, 1920-1921 STATISTICAL— September, 29th, 1921 Number of teachers employed 6 Number of students enrolled 155 Graduating students 8 Total number of graduates to date . The Board retrenched where it was possible, but in spite of this had a debt of 7,622. Green River Baptist Association 15 The following resolution was adopted: viz: Resolved, that, we the delegates and pastors of the Green River Association, tender to the pastor and friends of the Montford Cove Baptist Church our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation of their royal hospitality in their homes, and Christian greeting in the church ■ and on the grounds. Our Foreign Mission Work as operated by Southern Baptists may be designated under the separate heads— divisions: Minutes of the I. These include, Chile, China, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Japan and Argentina. 109 DEBITS ^ To teachers salaries paid ,130.00 To teachers board paid 34946 To house rents paid 105.27 To light plant expenses 445-56 To furniture bought 213.75 To printing 150.70 To canvassing, postage, etc 65.00 To fuel 289.17 To traveling expenses of speakers ... 17.00 To bursar for collecting tuition 30.00 To incidental expenses 381.54 To cash in Peoples Bank , 295.61 Total , 16,473.06 CREDITS Cash on hand August 24, 1920 $ 195.15 Tuition collected 3,890.54 Pay entertainments 182.00 • Cash direct from Home Board 250.00 Grken Riv KR Baptist Association 19 Cash from H. 41,727 scholars were instructed in our 907 Sunday Schools. Thus it will observed that Southern Baptists have a heritage rich indeed, but fraught with fearful responsibility. 347^ or few more than half, own their own houses of worship. From statistics known before the war, we would guess there are in Southern Russia between fifty and one hundred thousand Baptists. Do not forget you are due God a part out of all your income. Yet the changes in our industrial and business life, and in the cities and country-side of the older States are so great that increasing attention must be given to the needs in the older sections.

Much money is being spent to selfish ends we ought to spend for the advancement of our Master's Kingdom, We urge that every church member put Christ before self, and teach our children to give at least something for missions. Evangelistic campaigns by the Evangelistic Department of the Home Mission Board are proving to be a mighty factor in the evan- gelizing of the cities. The problems in the cities of the South is growing acute in many places like Birmingham, St. The 14 Minutes of the Home Mission Board is helping to solve this problem and to meet the demands as rapidly as funds will justify. We now have 611 churches, 187 of which (almost one-third) are se f-supporting. Their contrtbutions last year amounted to about five dollars per member. Statistics are not obtain- able upon the Baptist population of the Southern part of Russia. The highest attitude in the number of baptisms was reached in the baptism of 6,993 converts. In these same territories there are 29,300 Baptists already, without counting any Baptists in the Ukraine.

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