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Carly uncovered Junior's ears."Freddie, remember that little chat we had at school that one time? " Sam and Gibby looked at each other, confused as Junior was."What about horses, mommy? U-Uncle Freddie can probably explain this better than me, Freddie? "They put them in the same barn together…and turned the barn light down…." He completely lost it then. Sam gave him a swift knock in the head before turning so she could put her feet up on the opposite arm of the couch. Carly just glared."As you Uncle Freddie was saying…after the barn lights get turned down, the horses see if they really like each other." Freddie's laughter had come to an end. They hate each other.""We don't , other times she-." He got cut off by Sam turning his head towards hers and planting a nice, long, nutella-flavored, kiss on his lips."Grabs me out of the blue and kisses me." He finished his statement."That's how we first fell in love." Sam said. Freddie helped Sam sit up so he could sit with her.

Sam butted in."Then they have se-."The 3 of them shouted "SAM! Junior nodded and began to look like he understood."You understanding this better? The child nodded and bounced off his mother's lap."Yeah, I think so. " He ran off flailing his arms and screaming into the hallway: "Hey Gabby, guess what! They intertwined hands on the way up."Should we tell him that's not what we meant? But at that age, they're just so oblivious." Freddie stated. She turned to Freddie and Carly, who were looking at her.

Now, it's time for the Kamen Rider Club, along with their newfound friends, to put an end to Gamou and all his misery! "DISCLAIMER: I do not own KR Fourze and the other shows.

But as the battle continues, old enemies resurface and a shocking truth is revealed between their world and the other, and everything will never be the same again."When I make it shine! Fourze is owned by TOEI and the others are owned by Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider.

When Freddie, doesn't have the same feelings as Carly does toward him, Sam is a bit shocked. She should probably check herself into the nuthouse as well…

Whe she finds out he likes someone else, she really wants to know who it is. Okay, maybe there were a few instances with Freddie, but this! (Originally posted on 2/22/12.) Carly is back and everything is back to the way it was. The gang meets back up for a reunion web show, and Sam and Freddie are forced to face their past and come to a resolution. But having the most important people around you makes it a little bit easier.

" Freddie coughed out."Well, during that crazy rumor that you guys kissed someone told me you guys bought a…." He trailed off. Before he did, however, he removed his shirt and walked out.

" Carly inquired while drinking a can of peppy cola.

Junior peered around the corner and watched the adults.

He couldn't have been more than 6 years old, but young Gibby Gibson Jr. The room contained his parents, Carly and Gibby Gibson Sr. Freddie Benson sat on the hardwood floor as his wife, Sam, indulged on a whole ham above him.

He was giving her a foot rub in the process due to the 9 months of swollen ankles she bared through."Your due date's a week from today, right?

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After the death of her beloved Randy, Francine Briggs didn't think she could move on. But when she goes to the Groovy Smoothie to drink the pain away, she walks in on a scene she won't soon forget.

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