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But how much has changed, given that Man, a gay-dating site, had its ad rejected?

CBS said in a letter that the ad didn’t meet its standards, and also that it had questions about Man Crunch's credit.

What does it take for the NFL to yank an ad worth millions of dollars?

Just ask GNC as it was announced a commercial from the company will not air during Super Bowl LI due to the league's stance on performance enhancing drugs.

Bartlett wrote that the reason she rejected the ad's content was not because it contained two men kissing, but because it did so in a manner exploiting gay men: "The entire premise is how funny and weird it is that two guys would make out. "In order to show NFL jerseys, clients have to spend a lot of money to obtain licensing.(For this reason, the Tebow ad may be more oblique than many expect.)Really, though, the Man Crunch content seems relatively harmless, by Super Bowl standards, although Atlantic Wire notes that liberals are divided over its merits. Their eyes meet, they kiss—or, as the put it, engage in “a male make-out session.”In 2007, CBS accepted a Snickers Super Bowl ad which had a similar set up, with two mechanics who accidentally kiss while sharing a chocolate bar. Go did have one of five Super Bowl ads it submitted rejected this year. He may be the best college player ever, but, from a pro perspective, there’s just something wrong with the way he throws.The first spot featured two hunky nude men steaming in a sauna as one man seductively eyes the other's crotch.The second, slightly tamer ad featured a gay couple sunning themselves by the pool — with a bag of Doritos, naturally — as their presumably straight neighbor looks over the hedge dividing their homes, salivating.

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