Celestial dating

The only safe place to turn is off-world and the Celestial Mates dating agency offers the perfect opportunity.

Ling can’t say no when she sees the holographic picture of the seven foot tall, blue alien with stunning gold eyes.

Naefaren desires to mark Ling as his own with his mating bite for all to see, to make her his Pari, but sometimes the overprotective alien has to shield her from all dangers, including himself.Hooking up generally involves drinking alcohol and some degree of sexual activity.These young women, more often than not, felt frustrated and lonely, and most reported they had not found Mr. Drinking and promiscuity are not the Lord’s way to find someone to marry!Read Book: Amazon | Want to be on my street team of ARC reviewers?I’m putting one together behind the scenes right now with some really cool ideas for swag!

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