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We were staying with a friend of Adam’s from his flag football days and so we were a part of the tailgate from the beginning.

Early in the day we went to the store to get supplies and then drove to the parking lot and set everything up for the tailgate.

Growing up in London, England, I knew very little about American Football and even less about tailgating.

I always thought that tailgating referred to driving too close to the car in front and that American Football was just a funny version of soccer. ) But after meeting Adam, I soon learned otherwise.

After dating for just a few months, Adam’s love of American Football became clear, most memorably during the 2006 Superbowl.

Although I had university deadlines coming out of my ears, the Chicago Bears were playing and knowing that this was Adam’s team, I showed my support. Adam likes the NFL and I like the constant snacking that seems to go hand in hand with American football. Then a year later, in aforementioned lovely apartment, Adam told me he was going to sell it to fund his ambitious road trip to see a live NFL game at EVERY NFL stadium during the regular season.

Adam ensured he told everyone he knew about his plan, his logic being that if he told everyone, there was no backing out.

We met a lovely family who had no clue who we were, but heard our story and sat us down for a lovely romantic dinner.

After our quick date, we headed into the stadium but I noticed the number of people still hanging out and just partying with friends in the parking lots.

At the game itself, the crowd was very social and I loved that I was able to chat to loads of different people at the Bud Zone bar while Adam watched the game. Once again I had a snack and a Bud in my hand and Adam was watching the football without me complaining.

I became aware of the variety of things to do at an NFL game, far more than would appear to a TV viewer.

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Hey, if rain doesn’t ruin our events in the UK, health and safety usually does a fairly good job of it.

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