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He will not get invested in you if you try to do his job and pursue him.

He may feel flattered, curious, or think he's about to get lucky.

But rarely will he get invested in you because it wasn't his idea. I don't care how busy or shy he is, there are no excuses.

Occasionally, a man will go out with a woman who asks him out and if after the first date he likes her, he will take over the pursuit - provided of course that she let's him. However, when you get in there and take over his job by calling or asking him out, you confuse him or worse, you risk turning him off. So, if you pick up the ball and pursue him ifhe's not doing it right or fast enough for you, YOU LOSE. If a man you are interested in doesn't ask you out, call you back, set up another date, he is simply not that interested. Because men know exactly what they need to do to see you and win you over.

I have found that strong, independent woman tend to want to get the ball rolling in the relationship area, just like you do in business.

For the other events, men and women performed a Sadie Hawkins-like role reversal: men stayed in one place while women circulated around the room.

As you can see, the typical speed-dating event relies heavily on the “male approaches female” norm.

Consistent with norm expectations, speed-dating research reveals that, women are pickier than men when indicating interest in potential partners, To test this, the researchers had over 300 undergraduates participate in speed-dating events.

Tell him it was the best steak you've had in a long time.

Flatter him by saying he's very funny or so easy to talk to if its true.

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As a dating coach, I often explain the roles each gender plays in dating.

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