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I didn't really know what to do' a saddened Melissa Meeks told Inside Edition when asked how she felt after being ditched by her man for his new billionaire girlfriend.The mother-of-three was married to the Jeremy for eight years before they split suddenly after photos surfaced over the summer showing Jeremy locking lips with the daughter of Sir Philip Green on a yacht in Bodrum, Tu Melissa said she stood by her husband's side when he went through a rough period in his life and was locked up in 2014 for possession of a firearm. It didn't have a happy ending for me.'Melissa's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told the news magazine her client simply wants what she is 'legally entitled to' from the messy divorce after months of feeling betrayed.The duo enjoyed the extended sun-soaked vacation in Barbados, attending the carnival in skimpy ensembles, as they put their controversial relationship on display for cameras.Their public parading came after a string of outings, including one which saw Jeremy pose for his girlfriend's Topshop retail line in LA, around the same time his heartbroken wife celebrated her birthday.

While she was dressed in a lined monochrome shirt and the blue-eyed hunk in a black shirt and labyrinth of gold necklaces, the pair seemed very much in love.

You've seen stuff happen,' she told Inside Edition.

Just nine days after the scandal surfaced, Meeks filed for divorce to the mother of his children, when Melissa still loved him and admitted she still does.'It wasn't an easy pill to swallow,' Melissa revealed.

Taking to Instagram, the nurse shared a snapchot which read: 'I fed mouths that talked sh** about me. Thanks to this season's huge athleisure trend, never before have we put this much effort into our sportswear and these leggings have shot straight to the top of our wish-list.

I wiped tears from the same people that caused mine. We love the sheer mesh inserts that add a cool vibe to the otherwise ordinary design.

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The Topshop heiress, 26, confirmed she had not taken her controversial relationship with the 33-year-old former felon to the next level, in a statement to Mail Online.

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