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I attempted to make an account twice and each time I had my account closed for unknown reasons.They finally informed It was because I included my email on my profile below my picture which of course I understood once they explained.I was personally attacked in a "cyber bullying" fashion by one of their main male supporters - what he said doesn't bear repeating on a Christian site and shouldn't be even discussed, as such.

Read Full Review My account was abruptly closed down even without investigating on both sides simply because someone had grudges against me. Even Jesus said that we should not judge others !!!!!!

Too be totally honest this site is as dead as a dodo, you only have to go onto the message board to see the amount of posts complaining about no reply's to emails and frustration at lack of interest.

It doesn't help that there is only a tiny percentage of paid up female members, if you do contact somebody and they are not a member, you'll only get the message that they are not members and they cannot answer your mail.

Ive tried searching further a field as theyve suggested but still no response and one that ive seen in london (i live in birmingham) emailed him back and forth only for him less than a week later to turn around and email me that he cant contact me anymore because of the distance. Read Full Review Written on: 17/09/2015 To be honest most of the women on there are no different.

All too busy with careers to have any time to meet anyone.

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As soon as someone reports lies about your account,the management are quickly in sending you an email of deleting your account.... I'm a good looking girl and find it hard to attract the right type of Christian men.

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