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Women were told we could “have it all”, now there’s a huge imbalance between our professional and personal lives. Women are assuming more responsibilities, but are often competing not only against each other, but our male peers! If our thoughts shape our lives why not use this tale to guide children as they form their opinions about the roles men and women play in society?

We’ve lost the art of being feminine and have thrown out a lot of old school wisdom that actually worked. As adults we can revisit with a fresh perspective, weeding out non-beneficial thoughts and practices while seeking stronger interpersonal ties.

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Out of the blue one day, my sister texts me and says, "My new church runs a program called The Cinderella Project, and their speaker just backed out.

I told them about you, and you need to contact them ASAP."The Cinderella Project is a ministry of Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, was established in 2006 to make it possible for local young ladies to attend their formal high school dance.

They take applications, and accept 75-100 girls a year.

They mentor them before prom and follow up afterwards.

Thank you so much for donating books to the girls at The Cinderella Project! Although there are many other amazing organizations that provide prom attire to girls in need, as some form of study with the girls, and I want to make sure they can get a book into every girl's hand. I've partnered with my publisher and Little Things Gift Cottage to help get discounted books.Now I need your help to put one in the hands of every girl at the event. I want to get a minimum of 75 copies of shipped to Whitewater Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio for the event.Question and answer sessions, free signed copies of , and I can kick off a book study or come speak to your homeschool group, youth group, women's ministry, camp or conference retreat, etc.If we don't raise all the funds, I will purchase as many copies of the book as I can.

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