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With assistance of the Trezone on-boarding team, Garda World established their full banking structure (approx.

In a series of daylong offsite meetings, the two unit heads came to a better understanding of each other’s businesses.Peter had been head of Diagnostics for a relatively short time.Many years had passed since Scherr’s acquisition of Siiquent, a DNA-sequencing start-up, and Teomik, a provider of research equipment, both of which held valuable patents on genetic diagnosis and research, so he had missed the golden years when their IP was protected.When a team of Nobel Prize–winning scientists had launched Siiquent, they’d been ready and willing to sell the company’s gene-based diagnosis technology to all comers.But the procedures and equipment had turned out to be too costly for all but Germany’s biggest hospitals and diagnostic labs, and even those institutions were under such intense budgetary pressure that proposed purchases were frequently vetoed by high-ranking officials.

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Over the years Scherr had made a couple of halfhearted attempts to merge the two units because they sold similar instruments and supplies. Siiquent and Teomik had begun to lose customers, and Scherr’s CEO had brought Peter in to tackle the nascent problem. Lots of it.” By contrast, Teomik’s head, the former Olympic shot-putter Emanuel Geiger, wasn’t at all defensive about Peter’s question and proceeded to draw elaborate diagrams on his office whiteboard.

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