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We uninstalled the web express and we were able to continue. I believe Re Sharper pushed out another update and everything seems fairly smooth. There might be a few things here and there, but nothing that has been cause for me to regret upgrading. UPD: I've also encountered the issue with Intelli Sence and the specified command has helped me.

I have tried this, but after installation, it still says I have the RC version.

Now that VS 2015 RTM is out I want to do exactly that.Apparently, it might be better to remove these before starting the upgrade.I hesitated to perform the upgrade due to the confirmed reports that Intel C will not necessarily work with -std=c 11 or c 14 and vs2015u2 until the future update 16.0.3 is available.Architecture tools has updates to address a lot of your feedback around performance and reliability along with updates to features like Code Map, Layer Validation, and UML Diagrams.Visual C has updates to the C compiler, C libraries and C MDD in this release.

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