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He loved it, and the book brought tears to his eyes! This was one of the best presents of have ever given. Thank you for all that you are and all you provide for couples. I got this for a birthday present for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it.It was also the night that he proposed, so this book was the perfect segue to the main event. It was seriously perfect, and my boyfriend loved this gift. You could use this gift for any holiday or event and for anyone! It was the most personal and unique gift I've ever gotten her.But I am not always around when she needs these affermations the most. The images and text appeared exacly as I had placed them in the sample online.I made this book for her with all of her best qualities and some of our best memories in it so when she feels like she needs a reminder, and Im not there to give it, she can just flip through a few pages on her own. I wish there was an option to add some colour, I think will have to do a bit, to give it a bit of pop. Thank you for helping me bring this important project to life! Most recently I purchased one for my fiancé, he loved it!Thank you I used my love book to propose to my now fiancé.

she’s now 21 and a beautiful young lady who is my best friend ..The look on her face as she turned and seen me was priceless.Her smile, her eyes just everything about that moment was perfect. Thank you love book you made my proposal perfect I gave this book to my boyfriend for our anniversary.So i went home, sat down on the Computer and started writing. we Both are very happy about it and are still talking about it every day.Two weeks later I got the Book and ran to him to give him the present. OH MY GOODNESS what an absolutely incredible website this is.

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I accidently found it and have been glued to it ever since.

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