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More than 200 fans visited the first event in 2004 and each following con attracted more people, with over 5500 attendees in 2017.

The festival program offers a mix of contests (e.g.

Holidays are not moved to the following work day for celebration.

The Labour Law of the Czech Republic requires employers to provide all employees with a paid day off for national holidays.

If the employee has to work on that date due to the nature of their position, the employer is required to pay a premium wage for that date or provide the employee with another paid day off in lieu of the holiday.

By approving The Report on Fulfilment of the National Plan the Czech government backed the view of the National Coordination Group that there are a number of activities related to the future euro adoption that can be carried out in advance without knowing a target date for the Czech economy joining the Eurozone.

Such activities are for the most part of a methodological nature, whose validity is permanent.

The document gives reasons why the original unofficial term for euro adoption in the Czech Republic of 2009-2010 was abandoned.

It contains a summary of tasks in different segments of the Czech economy to be implemented for the sake of smooth transition towards the single currency.

The Plan’s checklist is not anchored by a specific changeover date but is based on a not yet specified €-day.

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