Dangers of dating

Taking your time to compose the perfect response, you can be as sexy and confident as you want to be, when in real life you might awkwardly stumble over your words, trip on your shoelace, and/or turn red with embarrassment.

Not only can you be flawless via text, but he can quickly become your fantasy man.

This kind of excitement, particularly as you are just getting to know someone, sets you up for spikes of extreme highs and lows.

Being catapulted to such heights of bliss by texts from this guy means there’s nowhere to go but down. The flip-side of texting titillation, waiting for a response that doesn’t always come immediately, can knock you right off cloud nine.

This guy may still want to rip your clothes off, but you won’t know for hours or even days until he graces you with a reply.

In the moment, a 150-character text can seem like an intimate way to connect, but texting is one of the least effective modes for fostering true intimacy; phone is better and in person communication is best.But if you just met the guy, know that your words may not be for his eyes only if he decides to show his friends what an awesomely dirty girl he’s dating.Even if you know and trust him, technical glitches happen, and texts accidentally get forwarded or addressed to the wrong recipient.There are some beautiful beaches in the world that have hidden dangers.When water floods sand below the surface, the sand particles get pushed apart. As the person sinks down, it pushes the water out creating a vacuum effect that secures its victim tighter and tighter.

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The relationships that have the greatest chance of deepening and lasting are those that are more even-keeled and not characterized by such dramatic ups and downs. In real life, when you’re flirting with a guy you get instant gratification; you say something cute, and he looks at you like he wants to rip your clothes off.

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