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Any unaccounted violations could cause an unwarranted rise in your car insurance premiums, or even prompt the DPS to erroneously suspend your MS driver's license. You must enter a not guilty plea in person before the court on the appearance date listed on your citation. This does not mean your MS driver's license is immune from suspension or revocation.

You can lose your license for too many violations on your driving record.

Learn more in the state's Driver's License Handbook.

Call the court listed on your citation with this request.

The Magnolia flag continued as the state flag till 1894, when the legislature adopted the present red, white and blue flag with the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy in the canton corner. The Confederate States of America during the four years of its existence had three official flags, and one that never became official but was used more than all the others.

The flag inspired the song, "The Bonnie Blue Flag," which became the second best-loved song of the Confederacy after "Dixie." Flags of the United States, 1776-1861, 1865 to date.This banner was quartered red and white; on the red a golden castle, the emblem of the province of Castile; on the white a lion, the emblem of the province of Leon.This flag was changed to the Bars of Aragon about 1787, and thus a second flag of Spain came over most of the State of Mississippi. La Salle planted the white flag of the Bourbon kings of France at the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1682, and Iberville made the settlement at Ocean Springs under the same flag in 1699.If your rates do rise, consider shopping around online to compare car insurance rates.If you face the possibility of your Mississippi driver's license getting suspended due to a traffic citation, legal counsel will serve you well.

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