Dating a married pisces man

He is especially fond of married women, finding them mysterious and alluring.Often, he finds his love life chaotic and tumultuous because he always manages to fall in love with the wrong woman.He recently broke up with me because he says he can't trust me with his heart and emotions. He tells me he still is seeing his ex,but I know she told him if he wants her back he completely has to change his life. Since I told him I have feelings he has opened up a lot but still he just sees me when he wants.should I tell him I'm going to live my life,an when he is ready to treat me like a women, not just for sex then he can see me again? "No matter how ugly the world is you'll always have something beautiful at the end of it all.

I feel like he's been talking to someone else, but he denies it. His girlfried just moved out cuz of his infidelity. They met when his wife left him after 18yrs n left him with four kids. Now I told him I can't keep doing this I need more. I do have a good amount of Aquarius in my chart, this is probably why. I have a bit of habit of giving out quotes Here's to everyone...I'm a Pisces Woman n I have a sex relationship with a Cancer's wonderful at times, but we have been doing this for a while, and I'm getting tired of this..I'm starting to want more from him instead of just sleeping wit him..he has a lot females that he deals with and I always catches him lying to me a bout it.. I'm a pisces woman who is in love with a Gemini man. If a Pisces truly loves you they will take you back, but don't think every time you mess up they are going to be waiting Pisces move on very fast. I broke his trust when i failed to tell him i was leaving my violent ex and when he found out he said he is finding it hard to trust me and is now contemplating seeing another woman.Pisces is a sign of mystery, but if you love a Pisces, remember to flatter them often.They will try to meet your needs for a relationship, but always be honest and upfront with them. Now you know all about Pisces in love have a read through our article Personality Traits of a Pisces and find out all there is to know!

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