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i think i've had great and shit relationship with all cultures .We all have preferrences and choices, and lets respect that.Just cause you slept with someone on the first date, dont make them hoes it purely means you both wanted this beautiful country of ours, well i have dated i think all the different cultures, i've had my experiences, my fun, my good and bad relationships, my lifetime moments, my learning but i today stand here and say its wrong for woman of a particular culture to be stereotyped as bitches.Good girls comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, colours, personalities and the same applies to Bad girls.according to me, Hoes exist in all cultures just like good people do.We always talk about rules and values but no one talks about the matters of the heart that makes a person go against what they stand for, and i'm one of those who still says today what if me and her were not working out but her and my friend have a shot of happiness, who am i to stop that just cause we dated. You have very beautiful people and yes you have ugly people, those with small dicks and those who have very large penises, those who like it rough and those who just hate sex.

So lets stop the stereotyping, respect one another and lets live our lives our way and not for people cause at the end of the day its my life, my rules, my learning, my experiences.Some also have a nice habit of keeping their selves very clean and they basically hate to bleach. WIFE MATERIAL Apart from being neat,they also tend to be very faithful and honest.Which am sure are some of the basic qualities every man needs in a woman to wife her. WELL CULTURED Xhosa parents are mostly disciplinarians and give least or no chance for their daughter to misbehave or even sons,they always make sure to instill basic and fundamental life principles into their kids and that always makes them serious in life. GOOD COOKS Am sure if you had the chance to ever taste a meal from the Eastern Cape region,you will be very appreciative of the fact that they are really truly good cooks. For over a decade or more like as long as i can remember, people in south africa both man and woman have been stereotyping that Xhosa woman, the most beautiful woman are Hoes, Bitches, Izifebe and well today i would like to share my thoughts, my perspective, my own experiences about Xhosa woman.Before we get very far on this topic, what brought this up is the disturbing comment made by another Xhosa woman the other day, Vele man izifebe and i asked why and this was her answer ...............!

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Some woman like calling other woman bitches just cause they get 5 dates a week and well they dont, cause the other girl has so much more than them, lives a better life, prefers dating well off guys, gets taken to more trips out that they start talking shit about the other person, and well stupid people always are bored spread and believe the rumours.

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