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All of a sudden, the things you used to think was really endearing becomes really annoying. People often say, it is different when you are looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend vs. For some, the question might be, “Is he reliable and dependable? ” For others, it could be, “Would she be a supportive wife and a nurturing mother to our children?

And you suddenly realise that you do not even know this person. ” And a very important question to ask, “Do we get along well? ” After all, a good marriage should be friendship on fire or friendship magnified.

As displayed quality score is a 1-10 number; there is no way a bad landing page equates a 10% reduction in your overall quality score.

When I was looking for a potential partner, I thought I definitely wanted someone who is muscular, extroverted, and the life of the party.To help PPC marketers solve the Ad Words Quality Score riddle, we've compiled The Ultimate Guide to Quality Score, featuring insights from some of the top minds in pay-per-click advertising.Andrew Goodman: Until Hal posts the entire code for the Quality Score algorithm and lets us look at it, prudent marketers should assume this is largely a public relations exercise.For instance, in his video it looks like landing page is roughly 10% of your quality score; however, if your landing page is considered not relevant – it does not just lower your quality score by 10%, it affects your quality score dramatically.Rarely will you see a quality score higher than 3 if your landing page is not relevant.

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But when it comes down to it, all of these are not important because he might not be much of a talker in front of others, we can talk and talk and talk.

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