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we don't have cars or electricity and we look like bin laden.i get it, we're inferior and they're all better than us.

The Amish community has been dramatized in the media, being featured in shows and movies such as Breaking Amish and Sex Drive. Here’s what you really need to know about the Amish. They believe that the Earth should stay as it God originally created it, so you won’t find any lamps or cars in their communities.

After they are through, the teens can choose to either come back to their communities to be baptized to stay forever within the faith, or be shunned and live out the rest of their lives in the modern world.I read newspapers all the time, and all i see are non-amish men with 4-bladed razors and ipods.And of course we amish guys can't give you that..Instead, you’ll see them riding horse-drawn buggies and lighting their homes with candles.When an Amish teen reaches the ages of 14-16, they are given the option of going on Rumshpringa (“running around” in English).

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Like many Christian sects, the Amish do follow the tradition of Baptism.

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