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A friend of Scott's father and the only other member of the group from the same time period, the athletic black physician takes the role of protective "older brother" with the young teen."Daughter of an Atlantean father and an extraterrestrial mother", the beautiful blond Liana possessed greater than human physical strength (due to her mother being from a higher gravity planet than Earth) and powerful psychic abilities (presumably due to her mixed heritage) which allow her to, among other things, telepathically communicate with animals.Saylor left the show after the episode "Turnabout" due to illness.Liana, daughter of an Atlantean father and an extraterrestrial mother.And Jonathan Willaway, rebel scientist from the 1960s.After the initial pilot story, a steady group of travelers forms around Varian as de facto leader, and the series then follows this group as they travel across the many Time Zones of the island to find Evoland.On their way, they encounter people from different planets and times who are also trapped on the island and who have adapted to their plight in different ways.After an encounter in the area of the Bermuda Triangle with an unnatural green cloud, the group find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious uncharted island from which they are unable to escape.

Also, a subplot involving the travelers finding a 1940s Air Force pilot held prisoner by 16th century pirates was removed from the first episode.

From 1977, Fred, a young doctor just out of medical school.

Scott Jordan, the 13-year-old son of a famous scientist.

The device is completely useless in anyone else's hands, and seems capable of a huge variety of tasks, from opening doors to disrupting electrical systems to large scale acts of destruction, as well as its apparently intended function as a diagnostic and healing device.

Following the departure of Professor Paul Jordan at the end of the pilot film, Varian takes over as de facto leader to the travelers and adopts a parental role over Paul's teenage son, Scott (most notable in episodes such as "An Act of Love" and "Turnabout")."A young doctor just out of medical school" whose impulsive and rather hot-headed nature acts as a counterpoint to the calm, pacifistic Varian.

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By its tenth episode, its ratings had dropped, and it was cancelled.

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