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Don Nyblom, a maintenance worker at Eagle Ridge, suffered second- and third-degree burns to his hands trying to extinguish the fire, Hanna said. James Hospital and Health Centers in Chicago Heights, Nardoni said.Hospital officials could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.Al-Shatti said the tankers were empty, but the fire preceded by an explosion, may have been caused by sparks from the welding rod coming into contact with left-over inflammable material.Soon after the fire was put out, the fire fighters were called to a pastry shop, also in Shuwaikh, where a split air condition hd caught fire. Maid hurt: An Indonesian maid - identified only as Nour - who jumped from the second floor window of her sponsor's apartment in Salwa in a vain attempt to escape from him, has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital with several fractures all over her body, reports Al-Anba daily.Suicide bid: A Sri Lankan maid tried to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of her sponsor's house in Shamiya.The 'victim' has been admitted to the Amiri Hospital with several fractures all over her body.

and found heavy smoke coming from a large cargo ship that was anchored in the water - some workers were on board welding and somehow several unused crates, boxes and other debris caught fire near the welding equipment - the ship did not have serious damage and remains seaworthy, but the fire was expansive enough that a Fire Department boat was used to fight the ship fire - no one was injured in the fire and no chemicals were released in the water since no hazardous materials were used) (worker, 63, is suffering from severe second and third degree burns on his arms, chest, neck and face - he is a contract worker - a witness says that the worker was cutting a metal pipe with a saw that produces a large amount of sparks - one of the sparks caught his shirt on fire - a chemical extinguisher was used to put the fire out - he was treated there and then transported by air to another facility) (automotive safety systems supplier says it will rebuild a steering wheel manufacturing plant that was destroyed by fire during the Christmas holiday break - the fire is believed to have been started by welding work that was being carried out during the shutdown - much of the production equipment at the site was destroyed in the fire but employees extracted around 100 moulds) (work was killed as he was attempting to thaw a valve on an 80 barrel tank truck and some how it ignited causing an explosion and took his life - the blast could be felt and heard from about 4 miles away - the tankers are used to transport salt water and crude oil) (two people were injured when a water tank they were working on caught fire - one of them who sustained severe wounds was rushed to the regional hospital while the other was responding to treatment at a Health Centre - the victims were welders putting finishing touches to the tank which would have served as a water reservoir, when sparks from their welding instruments ignited dry leaves and empty cement bags on the ground - timber boards and pieces of wood used in propping up the tank, plastic pipes and a shed were all burnt by the fire) (the initial call brought crews out shortly after 10 p.m.

A case of suicide attempt has been registered against the maid.

Salesman stabbed: Police are looking for an unidentified person who allegedly escaped with KD 70 and four cellular phones after stabbing an Asian salesman at a cell-phone shop in Sabah Al-Nasser, reports Al-Rai Al-Aam daily.

"I thought I had it out for a second, but it flared up again - The fire started when a worker, the only mechanic in the three-bay garage, was cutting a piece of steel with a torch - a spark reportedly ignited some gasoline that had trickled across the garage floor from a gasoline tank that was near a wall of the garage)one more person has died as a result of the explosion which occurred about two weeks ago - the deceased, 30, an electrician, sustained severe burns as a result of the explosion and was in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital until he died at 4 a.m.

on Monday - explosion was reportedly caused by a worker who attempted to weld a leakage on an oil tanker which had offloaded its cargo)a fire at the manufacturing plant forced a nearly five-hour shutdown - no one was injured in the blaze - fire occurred in a welding area for the minivan and may have begun with a welding spark igniting insulation in the roof - damage was limited to an eight-by-20-foot section of the roof) (the owner of a business suffered third-degree burns over all of his body from an explosion as he welded a flatbed truck - life-threatening burns to as much as 100% of his body - incident happened as he worked near a fuel tank ) (a preliminary investigation has identified a cutting torch as the source of a fire that temporarily trapped 72 workers underground in a potash mine - investigators believe the torch was being used to remove bolts from a flange connected to some polyethylene pipe - it caused a flame on the inside of the pipe, which sent dense black smoke billowing through the tunnels of the mine)investigators blame two companies for last year's fuel tank explosion at a Union Pacific machine shop - while no single factor was responsible for the fatal blast, officials say the designer and the maker of the tank made errors that led to the accident last February - a sheet metal worker was working on the new fuel tank when a spark ignited vapors trapped inside and caused an explosion - the worker, was killed)a smoldering fire in the roof of a large loading dock sent toxic clouds of black, orange and gray smoke billowing - worker using a torch apparently ignited the insulation under the building's metal roof around)fire that burned through a vitamin and mineral product manufacturing building was an accident caused by a worker's torch - fire was ruled accidental after a worker used a torch to weld some metal, which caused combustible material in the storage bin to heat up - workers said there was no sign of fire or smoke when they finished welding at about noon Thursday and prior to them leaving at p.m.) (employees at a processing facility were briefly evacuated after a forklift caught fire - fire was sparked about 7 a.m.

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