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Once you are close enough to your friend, you suddenly slam on the gas and run them over.Once you get out of the car and find out they are dead, you seem to feel much better.Unfortunately, in most cases, you may be conflicted about that ending, or feel angry towards those who are causing it to happen.How Dream Symbol Murder and Killing May Fit in Your Life It can be said that the most graphic dreams are your mind's way of doing everything possible to get your attention.I ran over to my grandparents house and told them to call 911. I had been studying all day for a final exam I had the next day. They allowed me to pee and when their backs were turned after asking for privacy I dived and begun swimming as fast as I could through the waters that seemed to be against me. Please tell me what this means it freaked me and my friend out badly Message from Cara I had a dream where me my uncle and my little sister were in a parking garage and my little sister pulled a piece of the cement roof off and killed my uncle by smashing him with it she then turned towards me and smiled and right when she was gonna say something the roof caved in and smashed her, the dream switched and I was in my house laying down on the couch i tried to get up but i couldn't move then this familiar looking guy can in and said that everything was going to be fine and then he bit me and I woke up from my dream.

General Dream Meaning: Murder and Killing No matter whether you dream of murdering someone or being killed, the person dying may represent some aspect of yourself.You see your friend, and suddenly become overwhelmed by rage.Even though you don't know why, the name of your romantic partner flashes across your mind.Me, parallel self, and the girl decided to steal some magical transfprming bowl thing but in the middle of it we were stopped by 'heros' and there were also dogs that were helping us.I ended up getting arrested but I didnt go to jail and I just kept asking prisoners questions. I heard the bathroom door open and one of the men enter.

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