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These ranged from the starkly geometric, in the style of Jean Luce, to vase shapes in imitation of the work of contemporary studio potters such as Bernard Moore.

Particularly innovative forms, which can collectively be described as Art Deco, include a honeycomb teapot, conical sugar shakers and cruets.

So, expensive, yes, but precedent says almost certainly a good investment and, at the top end, worth, pound for pound, more than gold.

An old ceramics dealer friend once likened Clarice's highly distinctive pottery to Marmite, in that it almost invariably elicits an extreme response. Personally, I can't stand Marmite, but Clarice's designs most certainly do it for me.

i am wanting to bye a clarice cliff vase that i have seen in an antique shop.From 1927 to 1940, when Wilkinson's Newport Pottery was taken over by the government for use as a wartime storage facility, Clarice conceived or oversaw the design of more than 500 shapes and 2,000 patterns. Indeed, her "Bizarre" range was introduced in 1928 as a means of decorating the factory's old blanks with colourful patterns.Yet from 1929, Clarice began to introduce her own forms.This was substantially enhanced by the tremendously bright palette of colours – reds, oranges, yellows, blues and contrasting black are recurring hues.They were hand-painted largely by young, flapper-type paintresses with a taste for modernity and collectively known, after her best-known range, as the "Bizarre Girls".

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