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There are many legends as to how the O Neills acquired their motto.

One story is that when their ancestors sailed close to the northeast tip of Ireland they agreed that whoever landed first would have that area of land.

The story of the sept originates in the myths of prehistory.

These O Neills reversed the usual trend in Ireland of that day by taking large tracts of land from the Anglo-Norman invaders.

When his territory was invaded, he went to London to submit to Henry VIII who created him Earl of Tyrone.

His family did not approve of an English title and there was much feuding, which led to the murder of one of his sons.

Clare, but the Nihills and the Creaghs of that county claim to be of Thomond O Neill stock.

Modern historians believe that Nihills were originally Ulster O Neills who settled in Co. The name O Neill is quite numerous in and around Co.

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From the fifth to the eleventh century, and from the twelfth century to the death of Red Hugh O Neill in 1608, this dominant family were monarchs of all Ireland, kings of Ulster, earls and princes of Tyrone, statesmen and soldiers.

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