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Write down insights as they come; the ultimate goal is application, not just interpretation.

Make up your mind that you will regularly put some time into the study of the Bible. Torrey in , Bible students should take up various subjects, one by one, and search the Bible for what it has to say on these subjects.

Write out a personal paraphrase, list some questions and observations, find cross-references, record any insights, and write down a brief personal application for each verse.

The Thematic Method: Select a Bible theme to study.

What are the major principles, insights, and lessons? Ask yourself a series of questions relating to the content of the chapter, and ending with a general summary of the chapter.

What traits of a fool are given in this book or chapter?

Write down the leading facts of the chapter in their proper order.

Make note of the persons mentioned in the chapter and of any analysis of their character.

Discern how a passage theologically coheres with the whole Bible. Apply the text to yourself, the church, and the world.

Quality study Bibles are one of the most helpful all-around tools you can use to better understand and apply the Bible.

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So as a general rule, if the title of the study Bible is something like . One hour carefully reading and meditating on the Bible itself is worth ten hours of reading study Bible notes. Exegesis draws the meaning A good study Bible takes all of this into account and highlights what is most significant for understanding books of the Bible and particular passages.

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