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The second book in the series is 30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide!If you have been dating but in a state of limbo, in a sexless or unhappy marriage, or in any relationship where you feel resentful, lonely, uncertain or afraid that it is ending, 30 Days to Love is designed to solve your love problems.That is everyone’s experience at one time or another.

You may know me from my appearances as a guest psychologist on The Today Show or my PBS TV Special on Finding True Love.A friend of a friend, your friend’s brother, your mom’s best friend’s son, your dad’s work mate’s stepson… Basically, somewhere there was a mutual connection or person that meant you came across each other. The advantages included things like: someone you knew, knew them and could give you an opinion on what they were like.Also, you got to be around them and see how they treated others and who their friends were; did they behave like a ‘jerk’ or were they caring and considerate?Do arguments leave you feeling you as though your relationship is a ticking time bomb?You may be getting along just fine and then the fight erupts.

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