Dating doesnt want gf move on

A big mistake that guys make in their relationships with women, is putting up with bad behavior and treatment from a girlfriend or her parents for too long.

Her parents, on the other hand, will appear shallow, childish and unreasonable to those who witnessed their bad behavior.

Couples who are in a committed relationship will likely be invited to various family functions and social gatherings that will often include the woman’s parents.

When these invitations are extended, some guys will continually refuse to attend in order to avoid facing another unpleasant encounter with his girlfriend’s parents.

When faced with initial coldness or open hostility from a girlfriend’s parents, some guys react with negative, angry or rude behavior and end up making things worse.

These men would do better to remember the old saying about “killing them with kindness,” by being cordial, respectful and by not reacting in a rude or emotional way to their taunts and tests.

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While it’s possible that you’ve given them good reason not to like you, you may also be finding it difficult to click with them for reasons that just aren’t your fault.

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