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His sons and daughter continued to work the store until firstly the daughter married, then with the war, one son moved to work in Sydney (1942).After Yee Lee's wife died shortly after the war, the other brother sold the store and also moved to Sydney. because the moon governs the tides and the tides govern the seasons and the seasons govern the crops that enables you to eat well - if you have a bad season you starve.Adult dating in Dubbo will certainly be your right choice if you want a companion for no strings attached relationship!The most desired sites and apps in addition to the vital suggestions mentioned here can help you locate your sex date promptly.Yee Lee was actually Wong War Lai (pronounced Wah Lay).War Lai were his Christian Names but when he came to Australia in 1888 and was asked his name - when he said Wong War Lai, it was noted as Yee Lee.

Yee Lee died in 1936 and his wife just after the war ended.There are over fifty old mineshafts as well as a Chinese oven., one of Australia’s most famous, admired poets, wrote a now famous poem called 'The Man from Ironbark'.There are a number of historic buildings of significance around Stuart Town.A few that you see on a Heritage Walk are - Boehme's Hall, Yee Lee Store, Old Railway Hotel - now the Post Office, Railway Gatekeepers Cottage & the local Stuart Town cemetery.

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