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The choice of Rolling Rock was coincidental as it happened to be the only beer that was available that Rolfe had in his refrigerator, and this eventually became an identifying trait of his character, although in more recent videos, he has also included Yuengling beer, hard-liquor and non-alcoholic hot sauce.

However, Rolfe's friend and collaborator, Mike Matei, convinced him to post the videos on a You Tube channel called "James Nintendo Nerd" (now called Cinemassacre) on April 6, 2006, which Matei created and managed for him.

Once you check in and receive your lock or key, you're free to approach whomever you like, whenever you like, for as long as you like.

We typically garner about 150-200 people at each party.

I knew a lot during my school years in CT and even some of my friends were Nerds.

My best advice would be to hang out at local libraries and perhaps at college libraries to see if you can make some friends.

It is really important that you register or RSVP with us as early as possible.

But, please keep in mind that most people attending an event assigned a certain age range are looking to meet people within that specified age range.If you were provided a code but misplaced it, try to check back with the source you heard about the party from.In general, our parties are for people who are single.Someone mentioned to me checking out Indy hub which is a networking group for young professionals, they meet the 2nd Wednesday every month at the Slippery Noodle, might be worth a shot..Another idea would be to check to see if the local colleges and universities have clubs devoted to "nerdy" activities and then enroll, take a class and join the 5 people in that movement LOL Thats another reason i love Indy The national occupy movement forgot the nations 11th largest city.

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