Dating guide for fat guys

In this video, we talk about dressing sharp for the large men.

The essentials when you’re dressing for your body type and better understanding of good clothing for you.

When you’re holding that small pen, not much I can do there although you could actually go I guess for a larger pen. So upsize all of your accessories, make them larger. Make sure that your shirt, when you’re going to wear them untucked in, for a larger man wearing an untucked shirt is fine.

Make sure your watch, make sure rings, make sure any jewelry, any accessories that you have are a bit larger to match your overall size.

Because think about it, what makes a tall man look like a giant? Many of you all say it’s too hot or you’re not used to it.

We are going to talk about easy steps on how you can upgrade you wardrobe and style.

Click here to read the article at the Art of Manliness –Big Man’s Guide To Sharp Dressing – If you’re a big guy who’s looking to dress a little sharper without breaking the bank on an entirely new wardrobe, we have some tips for you. I’ve got entire articles about what constitutes proper fit.

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), to her adventures in plus-size dating in the Big Apple.

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