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It's the Thai women's version of the rat race sort of.

The race to gain more material wealth which is spurred on through Facebook and Instagram.

And these women typically come from a Thai-Chinese background.

Then we have the complete polar opposite Lo-So (Low Society, if you're not paying attention) Thai women.

But the fact is a majority of the girls working in the sex industry call Isaan their home. And the poor are desperate to get out of poverty and do whatever they can to get out.

But Lo-So is a label that encompasses anyone in the Thai population that isn't rich. Why else would Thai women work in the sex industry or end up as minor wives or relent to being a mistress?

These women come from farming backgrounds, mostly from the rural northeastern region of Thailand called Isaan.

That's not to say that every single person in Isaan is poor. " This is an important point to bring up because any expat who has been living in the country for awhile will tell you that there is a huge disparity between the poor and rich.

You'll find a list of no joiner fee hotels in Thailand that allow guests to invite bar girls back to their rooms with no extra charge.Facebook is the most popular way followed by Instagram.And Tinder app is quickly gaining because it's so simple and easy to use for quick meet ups and sexual encounters.After sharing so much information on visiting Thailand's red light districts I know a lot of guys will eventually consider starting a relationship with a lovely Thai lady.But I know many tourists don't have a lot of options for meeting one in most normal social settings.

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  1. So I'll send them pictures or I'll tweet, "So-and-so sent me X amount of dollars." Sometimes they like the competition element of knowing they sent more money than someone else and knowing that my other fans are hearing about them.